Luis M. Khoury Foundation Golf Classic

8 Jul

Just got the below email from the wonderful Christina Khoury!

Christina’s incredible father, Luis, lost his battle to bilinary cancer two years ago. In memory of Luis, Christina created this fundraiser to donate money to The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins for biliary tract cancer research. Last year was a resounding success (and very fun, and very special) and I strongly urge you to participate this year. You can sponsor a hole, a gift package, play a round, or just volunteer and help out!

On behalf of the Luis M. Khoury Foundation, we invite you to join us in building awareness about biliary tract cancer at the Second Annual Luis M. Khoury Golf Classic at Harbor Links Golf Course on Monday, September 15, 2014. 

Golfers must register by providing the following by Aug. 15 to the Luis M. Khoury Foundation at 34 Whitman Avenue, Syosset, NY 11791:  

A check, payable to the Luis M. Khoury Foundation, with appropriate donation ($250 per golfer)

Golfer(s) first and last names  

Email address for team captain or self 

For more information visit or LMK-INVITE-FRONT-2014

What Companies Expect from Recent Graduates

7 Jul

I recently sat down with KNB Communications intern, Alyssa Garbien to discuss some of her thoughts on what she has and has not been taught in school as she completes her last year of college. It was a topic she’s been particularly hot on since day-one of her internship.

In her blog post, Alyssa dives into what colleges and universities teach students versus what internships and hands-on experience do. Is one better than the other? She compiled some of my personal insights and her thoughts on the KNB blog. Read here!

To hide or not to hide…the crown

22 May

Take a read of Sydnee Waggoner’s HIDING MY CROWN: MY SECRET LIFE AS A FORMER MISS AMERICA CONTESTANT. While I find it a bit hard to believe Sydnee was a) exclusively interested in competing in a pageant for scholarship dollars (You have to in some capacity want the spotlight on you to even step foot on stage. Every pageant girl has an inner ham, even if it’s nearly imperceptible) and b) is secretive about being Miss Alaska as she has it listed on her resume. (No hate, just observations.)

However, it’s nice to read the REAL things she learned as a titleholder that I too can tout. I too learned how to present myself in a professional interview setting, how to test my physical limits and how to deal with pushy people. Of course there are multiple “extracurricular” activities in life that could teach us these same skills – you don’t have to be a pageant queen to learn how to fail gracefully, for instance – but her points validate that the Miss America system offers value beyond pretty faces and tight abs. We are not to be discounted because of your preconceived notions of pageant queens, and I certainly don’t want to be friends with or associate with you if you do.

I personally don’t have my pageant involvement listed on my resume, and I’ve never really explored why or why not. It always comes up in job interviews, however. It’s almost as if I make sure it’s a talking point. “Yes, I can deal gracefully with difficult clients, and tell them things they don’t want to hear without it being catastrophic. I’m a former pageant queen. <giggle>”

Again, take a read of Sydnee’s entry. Let me know what you think. Is “pageant queen” a resume killer? Does it depend on industry? Would love to get your thoughts.

This May 5 – Clean Your Hands…maybe a bit more than you normally do

1 May

5may2014_topI am not a doctor. I am not a microbiologist. To say that I am even any type of expert in the field of healthcare would be a blatant lie.

I have, however, worked for more than a year with a client that has a mission I’m professionally and personally passionate about. DebMed, creators and manufacturers of hand hygiene solutions for the clinical space, are working to make a real impact in the healthcare setting.

Did you know that:

These numbers are inexcusable. Furthermore, these aren’t just numbers – they are people. Dr. Manny Alvarez shares a good account of children who died at a New Orleans children’s hospital due to a fungal outbreak as recently reported in the NY Times. These stories are incredibly sad and heartbreaking.

The most rudimentary measure we can all take to protect ourselves, especially if we are in a hospital or clinic is to clean our hands. It sounds so basic, but it can be life-saving. And don’t come to me with “over-cleaning” and “alcohol-based hand sanitizer is how we got into this post-antibiotic conundrum to begin with.” There are medically fragile and immunocompromised patients in hospitals that must be protected from the spread of infection. That’s a fact. And according to The World Health Organization, healthcare worker hand hygiene compliance is at a disturbingly low 39%.

The systems in place now to monitor hand hygiene compliance of healthcare workers are archaic and inaccurate, and can lend to the Hawthorne Effect. In the case of the oft-used “direct observation” method, a staff member stands behind a doctor or nurse and physically checks a box on a piece of paper to say “yes, this person cleaned his or her hands.” That’s cost and time ineffective.

Also, most hospital systems use the “in-and-out” method. This means doctors and nurses wash their hands only when they enter and leave a patient’s room. What happens when they touch the patient and then the respirator next to the bed? What happens when they touch the hand rail of the bed that a visitor of the patient also touched not long ago and brought in some 2-10 million germs we carry on our hands at any given time? (It needs to be said also, no doctor or nurse goes to work deliberately intending to infect patients with deadly HAIs. They are at risk too. Let’s not demonize the incredibly busy, stretched-too-thin healthcare professionals for not cleaning their hands “frequently enough.”)

For a healthcare system that is so advanced in care and technology, how is it that lives are lost needlessly despite simple, preventative efforts such as proper hand hygiene?

This Monday marks the annual May 5, World Health Organization’s Save Lives: Clean Your Hands Day. Join me in spreading awareness about the dangers of HAIs and how the spread of these nasty bugs can be prevented. Now, go! Clean your hands. :)


Miss CT Charity Golf Tournament

28 Apr

golf3 (1)While I will be doing “bridely” things up in Saratoga May 31, I have an inclination it’s going to be a beautiful day for GOLF. For all the golf enthusiasts out there, please join the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Corporation board members and titleholders for the annual Connecticut Charity Golf Tournament at Blackledge Country Club, 180 West Street, Hebron, CT on Saturday May 31st. Registration is 11am-1pm and there will be a 1pm Shot Gun Start. Proceeds benefit the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Fund & Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Contact Golf Tournament Chairman Malcolm Mackay, MCSC Treasurer at Treasurer(at) or 860-628-0700. Or you can head to the Miss Connecticut website (linked at the above photo) to download a brochure.


Red, White & You Ball This Saturday

23 Apr

Red, White & You Ball This Saturday

The folks at the Connecticut Red Cross are likely cursing me because (yeah, I’ll admit it) I’ve ignored many of their recent calls asking to schedule my next blood donation. Sorry! I know I’m due and I’ll get in to donate.

However, I will be attending this Saturday’s 9th Annual Red Cross Ball hosted by and in support of the American Red Cross. Proceeds from this event are transformed into humanitarian services delivered every day in our community. Won’t you join me?


Shoes for Scholarship!

23 Apr

Shoes for Scholarship!

I love the Miss Connecticut Scholarship Corporation, and I love shoes. Get shopping on and you’ll be getting yourself some great new shoes for spring and possibly helping bring much needed scholarship money to women in CT!

Shop at and use the code PNPLOVESCT to get a whopping 20% off your purchase!

Special Bonus: The state that shops the most before May 31st will have 10% of that amount donated to their scholarship fund!


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